center for bangladesh studies
center for bangladesh studies cbs is a nonpartisan, nongovernment, nonprofit, multidisciplinary research, advocacy and public education institution dedicated to infuse the social sphere with contextual knowledge and praxis aimed at impacting the overall discursive and cultural patterns in bangladesh. through progressive generation of ideas and actions cbs will continuously traverse a wide range of available as well as self-generated resources to arrive at new insights.
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0447-5142962 house: 29 ( 3rd floor), road:1, dhanmondi residential area. dhaka 1205. bangladesh
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center for bangladesh studies is a not-for-profit think tank funded by your donations. our projects can not be sustained if we don't have your support. in whatever capacity, you're welcome to donate to us.

if you are in bangladesh, you can donate to us via our bank account directly at
Account Name: Center for Bangladesh Studies (CBS).
Account Number: 126-110-25088
Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Elephant Road Branch, Dhaka.
Branch Routing Number: 090261338

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